5 Tips For Quick Dog Shock Collar Training

5 Tips For Quick Dog Shock Collar Training

Trying to choose a dog shock collar can be very difficult, but there are now some websites such as http://www.dogshockcollar.net that now advise on the best collar to buy. Using a shock collar to train dogs has been criticized for a long time, but the technique has some excellent benefits – notably the ability to save time. Training your pet can be easy if you know the right methods. A lot of commitment and dedication is needed for training dogs. Generally dogs are social creatures and are ready to obey their masters, but the process takes some time. The time taken also differs according to the breed, age and size of the dog. While using shock collar for training, the following 5 tips can quicken the time.

5 Tips For Quick Dog Shock Collar Training

Begin with the basics

You need to avoid fancy tricks and commands in the initial stages. Keep them for later, and start only with the basics, such as sit and stand commands, fetching things, avoiding running out or barking unnecessarily. These are some important behaviors which are best taught in the initial days. At the dead of the night, your neighbors will not be impressed with any fancy tricks from your dog. They would like your canine friend to shut up and given them peaceful sleep for the night. So you should better focus on basics such as those. Progress only when you are through with the basics.

Use collars with caution

Do not use the collar without reason every time your dog shows unacceptable behavior. You need to make you understand dog about the undesirability of his actions and this can even be done with voice commands or gestures. Use the collar only when these fail to produce the necessary results. Subjecting your dog to shocks unnecessarily can end up confusing it, and it can start behaving in a weird and even more undesirable way. This can only lengthen the time for training.

Work in a distraction-free area

You should focus on a calm ambiance to train your pet. Ensure that the spot is free from the road or those parts of the home which see constant activities and people coming and going. There should not be any goings-on or loud noises which can distract your pet while the training is going on. This will let your dog focus completely on your commands. It will not associate the shock sensations, essentially a new feeling for it, to any people or activities around it. This will speed up the training session.

Train at a convenient time

It is also important for you to train your dog when the timing is convenient for both of you. You should feel healthy, energetic, patient and enthusiastic about the training and so should your pet. If either of you feels tired or suffers from a lack of motivation, call off the session. Find out the peak times for both of you. Training during peak times can be effective enough, and the process can take a shorter duration.

Bond as much as possible

Spending the maximum amount of time in bonding can help your pet understand your needs and expectations from it. It will fear you less and regard more as a friend, and the results will be more worthwhile. It will need shocks less and less, and show better response only with simple verbal or gestural commands.

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