Best Dog Collar for Your Dog

Best Dog Collar for Your Dog

Dog collars
There are so many dog collars, but what is the right collar for your dog? That differs per breed, big and behavior. And what works for you as a boss? Collars are often the choice for the dog’s exhaustion. A dog collar is often the first dog item that is bought for a puppy.

Best Dog Collar for Your Dog

Size dog collar
First of all, the size is, of course, the most important. A frequently asked question is which size should I have for my dog. Often a dog breed is mentioned. Unfortunately, this does not work. Is it then difficult to determine the correct size. No. With a soft measuring tape measure the size of the neck. For a comfortable fit, measure with 2 flat fingers. Now you have the right basis. Then you look at the dog collar that you like and see whether you have a length or a neck size. (depending on the brand). If you do not find out.

Breed dog collar
The width also determines whether the right dog collar has been chosen. Larger dog collars are often wider. Sometimes there are various widths of 1 dog collar. Then look at the dog, the big one and the neck. Even though the length fits, if the band is too wide, the dog collar is still too big for the dog.

Puppy collar
Puppies and dogs in the growth is always a bit difficult to determine what the dog collar is that you are doing the longest. That depends on so many factors. It is possible that your dog makes a big growth spurt and with 2 months has already grown out of the dog collar. Or just grown and still need a new dog collar. In any case, measure the pup’s neck to determine a size.

Dog collar material
Material choice is very personal. Leather is a beautiful natural product and is sold very much. The disadvantage of leather is that leather dog collars are not suitable for entering the water. Leather simply can not stand water. If you have a dog that likes to swim in the water, then it is best to go for a nylon dog collar .

Dog collar design
Collars also go with their time. Colors but certainly also versions. There are, for example, woven dog collars, dog collars with soft neoprene lining, and collars with a double ring for extra strength.

Slip collar
A slip chain is of course very strong for large dogs. But whether this is so animal-friendly. Full slip chains pinch the breathing. Whether this leads to the desired effect? A good training is the basis for the neat running on the line. Half slip collars made of nylon give the effect of less freedom but well adjusted does not suffocate the dog.

Shock collar
We do not have shock collars in our range. We think this is unfriendly. A course at a good dog school or behavior expert is the basis for tackling problem behavior.

Right size dog collars
In addition to execution and material, the correct size is also important. There is no standard size for a dog breed. Measure the neck circumference before ordering. To determine the correct size of the dog collar, we give you some tips in the footer.

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