Choose a Pet Insurance Policy Choosy

Choose a Pet Insurance Policy Choosy

The premiums insurers charge for animal insurance are not in line. The differences are even big. You can say the same about the quality of animal insurance. Some insurers offer a stripped-down package or allow the premium to increase depending on the age of the injured animals.

You can not compare insurance on price alone. The quality is just as important. We compare animal insurances for you, where quality is certainly not forgotten. We do this by providing insight into:

Choose a Pet Insurance Policy Choosy

Up to which amount your pet is insured – It, of course, makes a difference whether the cover amounts to a maximum of € 3,500 or € 5,000.
What is the quality of animal insurance? – We indicate this by means of stars. Insurance with 5 stars offers the highest quality and 0 stars the lowest quality

What are the pitfalls?
There are insurers that allow the premium for the animal insurance to increase with the aging of your pet. These insurances are poorly assessed in comparison with insurers who do not. You go for the lowest premium, but you also opt for the insurer that gets a good assessment.

First, compare
You can take out the animal insurance with any insurance company, but it is not sensible. By comparing you get not only the cheapest insurance, you also get insight into the quality of the various insurance policies. The lowest premium is not sacred. You have to prevent that you only find out from the vet what quality your pet insurance offers.

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