Finding A German Shepherd Breeder

Finding A German Shepherd Breeder

The process of finding the perfect German shepherd puppy to buy or adopt starts with finding a good breeder to work with. There are a lot of breeders specializing in German Shepherds across the country, so getting a lot of options to consider should not be difficult. In this article, we are going to talk about how you can find the best breeder to engage in no time at all.

Finding A German Shepherd Breeder

Start with the Internet

The Internet is your friend when it comes to finding German Shepherd breeders. Most of the breeders in this country have websites you can visit at any time. On these websites, you will find plenty of information not only about the breeders but also about the German Shepherds they have in their kennels.

Local breed clubs are great places to start. You can also ask local vets and other German shepherd owners about which breeder provides the best puppies. Breeders with the spotless reputation for quality of service such as should also be among the first you visit.

Check Recommendations and References

Adopting a German Shepherd puppy is a serious thing, so you should always do your homework before making any decision. Check references and testimonials from people who have adopted a German Shepherd from the breeder before you move forward.

I know how easy it is to get tempted by the cute puppies displayed on the breeder’s website. At this point, your focus should be whether the breeder does everything correctly to ensure the health and happiness of their dogs. The last thing you would want is a German Shepherd with attitude or health problems.

Passion Is Always a Good Sign

Work with a breeder that is more interested in finding a good home for their puppies than making a quick profit. You can always tell if a breeder really cares. They tend to ask more questions about how the puppy will be raised, about you and the neighborhood you live in and about the reasons behind your decision to adopt a German Shepherd.

Don’t be discouraged if a breeder starts asking these questions. Like I said, passion is always a good sign. A lot of great breeders I know – and the ones from whom I have adopted puppies before – stay in touch and are available for consultation whenever you face difficulties.

Exams, Shots, and Warranties

Lastly, ask if the breeder has had their litter examined properly and regularly. All German Shepherd puppies must be registered properly, especially when they are pure-blooded and come from a good line. Vaccination is another thing you should ask about before you start thinking about adopting a puppy.

You will also need to ask whether there are warranties, particularly regarding the pedigree, registration paper and the health of the puppy itself. Any good breeder will make sure that the puppy you get comes with the right documents and has been vaccinated properly. You can even ask to meet the parents of your puppy if you are serious about checking his (or her) pedigree.

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