How Are the Costs Paid by the Animal Insurer?

How Are the Costs Paid by the Animal Insurer

With most insurance companies, you must first advance the vet’s account yourself, after which you can claim it from the insurance companies. There are a number of insurance companies, such as Petplan, which pay the fees directly to the vet practice. With this insurer, you do not need to advance the amount yourself. Insurer Proteq also works according to this method, however, the amount of damage to be paid must be at least € 500. In all other cases, you will be asked to advance the amount yourself.

How Are the Costs Paid by the Animal Insurer

How can I claim the costs from the insurer?
It depends on the insurer which procedure they use to declare the costs. Usually, this can be done easily via the insurer’s website, but it may also be that you are asked to do this by mail or by e-mail. With some insurance companies, you do not have to advance the amounts, as described earlier. In that case, you do not have to declare it. Ask your insurer how you can best declare the costs.

When do I have to submit a declaration?
A legal period of one calendar year applies to submit declarations. At the moment that you submit the invoice later than one calendar year after the damage occurred, the insurance company is no longer obliged to handle it. All invoices submitted within one year must be processed by the insurance company.

What do I have to provide when submitting my declaration?
The various insurance companies have different procedures for processing the declarations. Contact your insurance company to inquire about which papers you have to deliver exactly.

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