Invisble Dog Fences

Invisble Dog Fences

All of us might love and long to have a pet. Cats and/or Dogs seem to be the most common of picks amongst the lot. However “petting” a pet is really important no matter whatever animal you choose to pet. Pets become part of the family and so, they should be brought up in a way that they represent that.

Invisble Dog Fences



Dogs, more often than not, are found guilty for “crossing the line” sometimes whether it’ll be about barking at people crossing by or attacking other animals. Pet owners try to put their dogs on leash for teaching them a lesson or two. But does that help? Usually not!

Different pet experts and trainers believe that putting a dog on the leash wouldn’t persuade him/her to do anything against their instinct. Moreover sometimes dogs develop a certain violent rage within themselves which can reach the level of becoming a threat. What can we do then? Take them down? DEFINITELY not!


“Invisible dog fence” or wireless fence or e-collar is the answer to you queries for an undisciplined dog. This system is actually a non-physical fence that sets the boundaries for your pet. Just like any “old school” fence it sets out the perimeter for you pets and helps stopping them from running off.

The invisible dog fence has proven to be very cheap, reliable and effective in terms of the results it produces. According to a study done by the Institute of Animal Welfare and Behavior, the static correction collar has an effectiveness rate of 92% that is much higher than other forms of correction.

I’m sure we all must have had faced the problem of dog chasing cars, that’s instinctive for them. However this instinct can be overcome by the use of Invisible Fence. Also, does the dog need a bit of character scrutiny? Well they’ll cover even that for you.


Invisible dog fences or E collars basically work with radio signal emission. There are two types of fences commonly available in the market, wireless dog fence or in-ground dog fence.

Albeit both the fences work in an almost similar fashion, yet the choice may vary slightly depending on what you plan to achieve as result.

In-ground fence ideally works in cases where the owners do not move out with their dogs that often. Or for owners whose dogs don’t need “character” development rather than just “knowing” heir limits. An in ground fence works with wires buried around your property that defines the area to your pet.

The signal is sent to the pet whenever he crosses the laid boundary, the signal is sent via the collar that is put up on the dog’s neck.

Wireless fence is effective for both the cases whether a character scrutiny or setting upthe perimeter. It comes with a number of options to send out “stop” signals to your pet. It works with a transmitter and a collar, once you’ve set the boundary range the transmitter then send out a signal whenever your dog tries to cross that boundary.

It is ideal for people who like taking their dogs on trips, picnics etc. In cases where the dog is exposed to the public more often, the wireless fence works magic. Moreover,r the fence is also of a full-advantage for people who move a lot and can’t really invest in hoarding up them fences. What else? You can set the transmitter’s boundary to even as tight as 55 yards.

So, pick out the options that best suit your needs and enjoy the “fun” part of petting having a disciplined pet.

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