Perfectly Grooming Your Pomeranian

Perfectly Grooming Your Pomeranian

Purchasing a purebred dog is pricy so it pays to get yourself informed on the breed and its breeder before you make the purchase. This is particularly true when you plan to purchase a purebred Pomeranian. It is because the Pomeranian price for this dog is as high as its popularity. Thus, a lot of people are breeding this type of dog and some of them do not produce true purebred dogs that proven bloodlines. You will want to get true Pomeranian so it pays to do your homework before you purchase one.

Perfectly Grooming Your Pomeranian

A Pomeranian is a little dog that boasts of a good amount of energy. To make sure they have brilliant-looking coats, you need to spend some time and effort but the results will surely be worthwhile. Pomeranians tend to have a double coat with a straight, coarser outer coat that has a softer and thicker undercoat. Grooming it regularly can have its coat resembling a puff ball. Thus, while you are trying to know how much does a Pomeranian cost, understand that setting up a grooming routine for this breed is important if you wish to keep their coat, tangle-free and fluffy.

Daily Brushing is Important

Invest in high-quality grooming tools for your Pomeranian since you will need to brush and comb it every day. Your tool kit needs to have a slicker brush that helps in getting rid of loose hair and encouraging good healthy skin. Ensure that you brush through the undercoat and outercoat since this is the right way to eliminate any shedding hair and dander that would otherwise be seen in your furniture and carpet.

Trimming the Coat

There are certain areas of coat of your Pomeranian that must be kept shorter, tidier and neater. These include its ears, backside, face and feet for hygiene reasons. You can trim the coat of your dog on your own but a professional dog groomer will surely make your life a lot easier. Once your dog is trimmed, you can easily maintain your dog’s coat until the next time you will have to visit a professional groomer again.

Taking Care of Tangles

Since the hair of a Pomeranian is quite longish and fine, it tends to table easily making daily brushing quite essential. The longer you leave it, the tougher and more time you would need to brush out the coat. But, if the coat of your pet is quite tangled, just remove all knots and snarls using your fingers after spraying some conditioner on them. Make sure you use a detangler or conditioner that is formulated for use on dogs. You don’t want to trigger an allergic reaction that a number of Pomeranians are prone to experience.

Bathing your Pomeranian

Pomeranians benefit from getting regular baths. However, make sure you do not overdo it as too much bathing will eliminate all the essential oils in the skin of your dog. These oils are there to provide the dog protection. Providing your Pomeranian a bath once every month is fine but uses a dog shampoo with the right pH balance. Also, ensure the products you use on your dog must be formulated for dogs.

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