So You Choose the Right Collar and Leash for Your Dog

So You Choose the Right Collar and Leash for Your Dog

Which collar and leash are now the most suitable for your dog. In this blog, we will guide you there as well as possible.

Most people start with a leather or nylon collar for their puppy with a short line in the same material. A line of 1 to 1.5 meters is sufficient for your pup. With this length you can both walk well and directly train your puppy. Check whether there is a good attachment to so that the belt does not come off. Choose, especially in the beginning, for a fixed collar. A slip chain or other tie collar is absolutely not suitable for a young dog.

So You Choose the Right Collar and Leash for Your Dog

If you want to give your puppy a bit more freedom while walking, this is possible with a roll-out line. With a line like that, you just do not teach a puppy that he should not pull on the leash. Of course, they would like to walk at the end of the belt in their enthusiasm. It is best to first let your puppy run neatly on the leash with a fixed belt without pulling. Once your puppy is able to walk well, you can start at the exit line. However, with a normal belt you have a lot more control over your dog. In any case, a short line is required during a puppy course.

Which size/type of collar do you need for your dog?
When choosing a collar for your dog, you should pay particular attention to the fact that it is comfortable. Nylon and leather are the most common materials, which are also good. The collar that you purchase should have sufficient play around the neck of your dog, about two fingers. In addition, check that the collar is wide enough so that it can not cut in the neck

If your dog is very on the line then you could see if a harness is useful. A harness reduces the hard knocks on your dog’s neck. Especially when your dog suddenly shoots away, this can be a heavy blow. Naturally, a dog’s neck, like a human’s neck, cannot withstand this.

Which collar + belt do you use for your dog? Let us know in the comments below. If you are still looking for suitable items, check out our dog collars & belts.

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