The Right Line and Collar for Your Dog

The Right Line and Collar for Your Dog

It differs per dog (and per owner) which line and which collar is the most suitable. Some dogs have learned from childhood that they achieve more with a lot of traits. It is advisable to train with your dog, but in the meantime, it is so nice to let your dog out with a line and collar that are nice for you and your dog. Just as there are many different types of dogs, there are also many different types of collars and lines.

The Right Line and Collar for Your Dog

Lines are often made from one of the following three materials: nylon, leather or metal. Nylon lines are most often sold. The belts do not weigh so much, are cheap and very sturdy. A leather line is generally quite long and is often purchased because it looks nicer / more upscale. Also learning lines are firm. Metal lines are sold pretty much but are less nice for the dog and for the boss. The material is not flexible and often weighs a lot more than a leather or nylon line, this weight can – certainly in puppies – give the wrong signal. When training you use the line to send your puppy, which is more difficult with a metal line.

With regard to the collar, you can choose from two options: the ‘regular’ collar or a harness. If your dog is very strong or attracts a lot, a harness is a good outcome. This gives you more control. Moreover, a rig does not work with one fixed pressure point, so that when you exert pressure you stop the dog in its entirety instead of just on the throat. With a rig it is important that the rig is not too loose, because the rig can shift, so the pressure points can still sit in the wrong place. Too tight is of course not pleasant, but that is a matter of trying. Keep in mind that a harness is not a permanent solution for a pulling dog. It has as a counterpart that a dog in a rig can put more power. This can actually increase the problem. To learn to pull on the leash you could train with your dog. If you have a smaller dog and / or a dog that pulls a little, a regular collar is more than suitable. The most important thing about this collar is that there is about 1.5 to 2 cm clearance between the band and your dog. This is about two fingers.

All in all it is fairly easy to find a good line and a good collar. You only have to think in advance which line and which collar best suits the character of your dog.

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