Tips for Boarding Your Dogs and Cats

Tips for Boarding Your Dogs and Cats

If you’re going on holiday and leaving your dog or cat in the care of a professional dog boarding or cattery service for the first time, you may be a little nervous. After all, these aren’t just pets, they’re your furry children. You want only the best for them, and you may be worried that someone else won’t give them that.

Fortunately, that’s not true. Professional boarding and cattery services are just that, professional, and they will provide your pets with all the love and care they need. Still, to make their job easier, here are a few tips for boarding your dogs and cats.

Tips for Boarding Your Dogs and Cats

Talk to the Boarders About Special Needs Early

If your pets have special needs, don’t wait until you drop them off to inform the staff about them. When you call or go in to make arrangements for boarding is the time to discuss these needs.

You’ll certainly want to talk about any medication your pet needs to have, but you also need to make sure that they know about any special dietary needs and anything else that’s out of the ordinary. If you don’t make these plans ahead of time, the border may be unable to take your animal.

For example, some Kent boarding kennels and catteries may have no experience providing insulin shots to a diabetic cat or dog and may be reluctant to take the animal.

Discuss Temperament

You should also make sure the staff knows if your animal is particularly temperamental. Some dogs may dislike having their paws touched, for example, and it’s important to for any pet caregiver to know that. If your pet tends to be especially wary around strangers, you might make certain you have some time to spend at the border or cattery with your pet and the staff so they can get to know one another while you’re present.

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