What Are the Best Collar and Leash for Your Dog?

What Are the Best Collar and Leash for Your Dog

After the blog Exhausting your dog – Everything you need to know, this time attention to the material. In the Netherlands, it is mandatory to align your dog on the public road. But … Collars, harnesses, harnesses, belts, railings … There is so much choice. What are you doing right now? What is the best collar and belt or does your dog friend get a harness? In this blog explanation about how to make the best choices now.

What Are the Best Collar and Leash for Your Dog

First of all, it is good to know what options there are. There are standard collars that are attached around the neck with a buckle or click system. These types of tires are often a good choice. The combination collar strap has a number of different functions. In addition to the legal obligation, a belt is also a safety device. It prevents dogs or puppies that are not yet reliable in listening. In addition, the collar strap can also be used as a communication tool. In fact, it is a means of communication. An owner who has pressure on the line has an influence on the behavior of the dog.It is therefore very important that owners of actions in the communication have consequences. And the corresponding do’s and don’ts!

Important! Make sure that the collar is not too loose when fitting and putting on. Too often dogs shoot from their collar with sometimes dramatic consequences. A collar, possibly including a safety line, is therefore also preferred.

A good indication is that you can put two fingers between the neck of your dog and the band. ‘Regular’ collars are available in many colors, sizes, versions, and price ranges. You can make it as crazy as you want. Keep in mind that you purchase a tire that fits your dog.

Slip chain
In general, the use of a slip chain is not advisable. Much is written about it and often also in the exaggerating sense, but what is the real reason not to use a slip chain? The slip chain works as a means of communication by quickly closing and releasing the chain. The problem is that 95% of the people do not have the speed to use the slip chain in the right way, thereby hurling, pulling and strangling as a result. An alternative is a slip line with a stop. A good trainer can teach you how to work in an efficient and at the same time gentle way.

Harnesses or harnesses
Most harnesses and harnesses are not as pleasant as claimed. They are means that are as more friendly but often have an opposite effect. If a dog pulls out when he/she has a normal life, it means that the harness is not comfortable. Harnesses in which is so just hurt. Harnesses that are perfectly fitting are just too tight. Many accidents happen with fearful dogs that panic from their harness shooting, therefore always use in combination with a safety line, but the use of harness is not the preferred.

The belt follows in the extension of the collar. Together with the collar a communication tool while walking or running / cycling. The ideal length for a belt is about 1 to 1.5 meters. This is the way you are doing your dog because he is close to you. Belts of nylon and leather are available. It is also important that you pay attention to the size and weight of your animal. The belt must be able to ‘handle’ your dog.

Many dog owners are a thorn in the eye, often rightly so, the line. Actually you can only do that with a flexi line and that is the right one in the click throw. A dog walks with you or is loose, point! During training, you can possibly use a loose, long line. Here too, a good trainer can teach you how to work with a loose, long line.

The best collar and belt?
In conclusion, we can state that the best collar and belt is a standard collar with buckle or click system in combination with a strap or 1 to 1.5 meters (suitable for your dog, in size and weight). If you have a dog that pulls, fails or otherwise shows undesirable behavior, it is a professional, not a rig or a flexible line.

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